Monday, February 10, 2014

The Transfiguration - what does it mean for you?

The transfiguration isn't just a theological event - it's God telling you how to be really blessed!

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As they trekked up the lonely mountain Peter, John and James wondered where Jesus was taking them without the rest of the Twelve. The air became clearer that summer day, the sky bluer and the wind whispered through the pine and cedar forests of these heights. Suddenly with a flash of light Jesus changed - what was once His dusty coat became a majestic thobe, white as snow, studded as if with diamonds. Jesus Himself radiated with such glory it was blinding, His feet became as fiery coal, His hair woolly white and His eyes like gems of fire. Even Moses and Elijah would honor Jesus and appeared at His right and left. Moments later, bellowing from a colossal cloud that had just crept up on them came a voice, clear as thunder, roaring like a thousand waterfalls, "This is My Beloved Son... Listen to Him!" The three stood in a daze, yet before they could gather their wits everything went back to normal in a flash. There is a profound truth and great blessing here for you.

Moses and Elijah were the two prophets most revered by the ancient Israelites; the former, gave them the Law, the latter called them to turn back to it centuries later. There was Jesus standing in their midst, when the Father singled out His Son, His Beloved Son telling Peter and the sons of thunder (as John and James were called by Christ) to listen to Him. Today, voices abound in this world (and in your head too) calling you to follow rules, regulation and laws and to crawl back to them if you've failed to keep them! Yet the voice that God wants you to listen to above all is that of His beloved Son! When you hear someone (or even your heart) bringing you condemnation and berating you, there are some who delight to hear this and think it is God doing the talking and then sadly call such messages 'powerful'. The Law was a ministry of condemnation - but we have a ministry of righteousness! One that calls us - Sons, Beloved, free from condemnation and worthy of the inheritance that belongs to the Beloved Son of God Himself. Today, cast out the voice that makes you think God wants you to just hear and obey - God wants you to turn to Jesus Christ so that you can listen and live!

"I am the Life."
 Jesus of Nazareth

By David Roiel
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