Friday, February 21, 2014

The secret of finding a spouse... and joy!

Looking for love? God's wisdom for finding a soul mate applies to everything! There's truth here for the single and married alike.

I want to share with you something that I wish I heard years ago. But before I continue, this isn't just a 'how-to-find-a-spouse' post. It's far more profound than that. The secret to finding a spouse is this: to be content and happy as a single man and woman.

Don't let romantic love be the one defining thing you need to experience life and live it to the full. In the natural ways, this works out very simply. No body likes a moping, complaining, lonely and sad person. But watch how people will flock to you if you're happy, thankful and optimistic! It's a simple rule of nature.

In the spiritual world however, this is where it really gets interesting. If you are not content today you won't be content tomorrow. In other words, if you're not happy single, you won't be happy married. Take anything else - unhappy childless, unhappy with children; unhappy with 10$ in your hand, unhappy with a 1000$; unhappy here, unhappy there. Even in matters of health, the wise Solomon said "A cheerful heart is good medicine".

You might ask, "Ok, that's great. But I'm genuinely not happy! Am I supposed to fake it? How do I be content when I want this thing so badly?" Great question. On the eve of His crucifixion Jesus told His friends - and He says this to you too, "I am leaving you with My peace. I am going to send you the Holy Spirit to be with you always and you are going to do even greater things than I have done. And anything you wish, just ask Me! I am saying all these things so you can have MY joy in you!" (from John 13-17. Meditate on these words, they are jewels full of life for you.)

Beloved child of God, you already have everything you need today to be happy, thankful and optimistic. You have the peace, Spirit and joy of Jesus Christ! It's a done deal. As a single man, the day I began to enjoy life was the day I was able to receive God's favor and find the best and most excellent wife I am married to now (Prov 18:22). God's grace is available to everyone without respect to anything they have done or who they are. But I believe that the joyful heart is always more ready to receive His favor!

So today, open your eyes to this reality; that because you have the Spirit of Christ, you also have His joy. So live by the Spirit - not by the eyes of your flesh which can never be satisfied no matter how much they see - and I tell you, you will begin to enjoy life, to the full... even this day!

By David Roiel
The Green Leaf Blog - Discover your inheritance!

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