Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The King washed your feet

Why did Jesus wash His disciples feet? He wants you to know just how much He's done for you!

"He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean..." John 13:10

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Don't you wish you never sinned again? You're probably reading this post because you know that Jesus of Nazareth, 2000 years ago, died on a cross and took all the wrath of God you justly deserved. With such a great salvation, that God loved you so, so, so very much that He offered up His Son to burned for your sake, rather than feel relief you are stuck in even more guilt... how can you keep on messing up, sinning against such a great Shepherd?! Am I describing you? If I am, don't worry, Jesus knew that His children whom He saved would walk on this world and sully their feet. He knew you would fall today and yesterday and even tomorrow and yet today, yesterday and tomorrow, He is ever saying, "Son, your sins are forgiven. They never even cross My mind." You are clean, because Jesus pronounced you clean. You are forgiven, because He said so. What He has said always stands. In Jesus' time and locale, the people usually wore sandals and as they walked on the dusty roads their feet would always get dirty no matter how recently they may have bathed. That's why a host would often honor his guests by stooping down and washing their dirty feet as they arrived to dinner. Today my friend, realize that the sins you are still doing are like the dust on your feet. Jesus bent down and washes it Himself and bestows on you this great honor. And as He looks up to you, He smiles and says "My brother, My sister, you have nothing to fear any longer. Don't even think about the slightest sin anymore, its all been paid for and its all been taken care of... it is finished!"

By David Roiel
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