Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The 30 second truth about why Jesus really came

I tell you, this truth here takes a few seconds to read - but after 2000 years of Christianity, only very, very, very few people ever really understand it and live life in this reality.
This is the truth about what Jesus Christ came to do. Most think He came to install a religion and get converts. The Samaritan woman who conversed with Him about Him being the Messiah, didn't hear Him correct her "It's in Jerusalem you have to worship". The Roman centurion who came to Him because His servant was sick didn't hear Him berate him, "You filthy occupier, repent and become a Jew". The Syrophonecian woman from Lebanon who was desperate to get her daughter delivered from demonic oppression didn't hear Him advise her, "Woman, first take up the ten commandments and go to the synagogue." Instead He blessed every one with that they asked of Him and needed from Him. To the first, He gave her comfort and truth, to the second the healing of his sick servant, and to the last liberty and honor. 
Jesus didn't come to make an army of servants either. Yet how many people call themselves humbly, servants and slaves of the Most High. I think this is pride, not humility. True humility is accepting the truth and the blessings that Jesus came to give you - fully, without reservation and even greedily!
Jesus came to gave you the right to sonship. He came to make a family - to bring all those He created to a closeness with God that no one could ever think of... being called a son, a daughter of the Most High. If you understand that God is not after your service (what could He possibly need from you) but He is after you and just you, period. He wants to delight in you, spend time with you and teach you His secrets as your Father. He wants to flood your heart and drown you in the rivers and oceans of His love for you - as His son and daughter. 
God sent His One and Only Son into the world - to make all who are willing sons and daughters of His too! Imagine walking this day saying "I have a Dad like no other. He is infinitely strong, immeasurably rich and He always pays attention to me. I can come to Him anytime and anywhere. I am a son of God!"
This is your heritage. This is your inheritance. Today and every day, never forget who you really are and enjoy this most awesome blessing freely given to you by Jesus Christ. So be it!
By David Roiel The Green Leaf Blog - Discover your inheritance!
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