Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sacred Place

Mankind has always built walls; walls between each other and walls that keep us distant from God. Jesus Christ came to break those walls once and for all!

You've probably been to places of worship in your life. The echo, the air, the silence, the smell of incense and the chants of prayers bring memories from childhood. The ancient Israelites were instructed to build a moving temple of sorts, a giant tent that acted as their place of worship. Later on, Solomon would build a stone temple in Jerusalem. Both of these structures contained the ark of the covenant, the very throne of God on earth at the time.

It must have been amazing see this place. As you entered into the first courtyard, the sights and sounds and intricate decorations on every post and pillar would have been overwhelming as you smelled the roasted meat of sacrifices. If you were a priest, you could enter further going into the holy court yard where you were met by the fragrant aroma of a very special kind incense. Yet even in this secluded and quiet place, there was still the holy of holies, the room that housed the ark. There, only the high priest could enter, once a year on the day of atonement (Yom Kippur, Lev. 17). This holy of holies was separated by a giant curtain - this was the most important 'wall' on earth because it prevented you from being in God's presence. Let me tell you, even after the ark of the covenant disappeared from history in the days of Jeremiah the prophet, this curtain would remain ever blocking the way into the presence of God.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, this curtain was torn in two. The Scriptures reveal that the body of Jesus is that curtain (Heb 10:20)! So on the cross, Jesus' flesh was burnt and rent, pierced and scorched so that now every son of Adam and daughter Eve can enter into the very presence of God. Not only this, but Jesus Christ has made you a priest too with every right to enter into the holy of holies and present yourself at the throne of your Father... at any time and as much as you like!

If you realized how much free access you have to the Almighty, your Daddy in heaven, fear, doubt, worry and anxiety would disappear. Friend, today enjoy these benefits and how close to your Father you are. Hear the Spirit saying to you,

"Why stay far from Me? Even when you sin, I am never the One to leave you. Come My Son and Daughter, sit beside Me and we shall dine together. For this is My delight!"

By David Roiel
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