Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Long ago he spoke through His prophets. Today, He speaks through His Son.

"In a world that knows no love, I have set you apart and surrounded you with My love. In a world that loves war, I have lifted you high, on a mountain that no one can climb. I am your shield. Your hands are not just yours - they are Mine. Don't be like the mule and the horse. They will only go where you want them to if you pull on the ropes. I who speak tell you what to do, whispering in your ears, and in your heart My words are like rivers. Listen to Me and I will guide you. As I healed the brokenhearted so shall you. As I delivered the oppressed so shall you. As I spoke the secrets of heaven so shall you. This is the glory of My sons and daughters, those in whom My Spirit dwells. I did not give you a Spirit of service and slavery, but of Sonship, power, love and discipline. I was upon Samson and he killed the lion and bowed down nations. I was upon David and he too conquered the bear and lion and no enemy ever claimed victory over him. I was upon Elisha and even kings feared him. You do not have what they had... you have ever so much more! I was merely upon them, but in you I dwell forever. Have I not called you? Have I not blessed you? Let him who has hears to hear, hear!" Amen.

These are the words of the Spirit. Test them, try them. What? Did you think that the days where God speaks is over? Long ago he spoke through His prophets. Today, He speaks through His Son... who made us sons and daughters too!

The blessings of Abraham follow and overtake you all your days.

By David Roiel
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