Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lift up your eyes and see!

When all fails around you, when your hopes are cut off and your dreams cast out... now is not the time to close your eyes and sleep. God has promised He will keep you, multiply you and prosper you. Open you eyes and wake up to your Father's blessing on you!

The deserts of Arabia are harsh. In the day, the burning sun of cloudless skies scorch you and in the night, the gnawing cold of the starry heavens give you no rest. This is where a mother found herself. She was a slave of Abraham but now she and her teenage son were cast out with only a bottle of water and loaf of bread that was quickly consumed. With her boy now on the brink of death, she laid him down under a bush and frantically ran here and there to find water with the strength of a desperate mother. Finally, exhausted she gave up and sat a stone's throw away from her son and waited for his death... and hers.

You know who Hagar was? She is a woman honored highly in the Scriptures. She is the first of all people said to have actually seen Yahawa God and, after Abraham, the first to have received a promise from God about Ishmael, her son. God had promised this woman that her son would become a great, noble and free nation and that He would always be with him. Now, all she saw was thirst and the burning sun, thorns and nothingness before her with death creeping on her beloved child. She had forgotten all that God promised. That's when God woke her up, "Hagar! What wrong!?", He shouted. "Don't be afraid. I have heard your son's cries where he lies. Now get up! Take him by the hand and go for I will make him a great nation." (Gen 21:17,18). Just after that she lifted her eyes and there it was! A well of water. It had been there all along but she could not see it. She could not see it because instead of seeing the promises of God before her, she saw only the reality of the world around her. Today, beloved child of God, rise! Wake up, open your eyes and see how God has blessed you and kept you. He has promised to always be with you and bless you in all your ways. So don't be afraid. Great is your future, great is your hope! Change your mind about this; see with the eyes of your heart and as sure as the rising sun, your dawn will come too! Amen.

By David Roiel
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