Monday, January 13, 2014

Serving the Servant

"I came to serve and not to be served." Jesus of Nazareth

Many people waste their lives serving God. Now before you just shut me out, please read on. Many people waste their lives trying to serve God out of the wrong motivation and lack of understanding of what God has done. I used to be one of those people.

I was too busy 'serving God' to take care of my life and enjoy it. At one point I stopped going to church, hanging out with 'believers' and just started to savor the moments that God was giving me. It gave me such a deep and profound spiritual contentment and it also became the start of a very adventurous and full life. Since then, breakthroughs - both spiritual and otherwise and in every area of life - have come to me without fail.

I was so busy trying to serve Christ that I never let Him serve me. I spoke so much about God's love to people yet it was devoid of any personal experience because I had never let God's love touch me... I was too busy doing things for "the sake of the kingdom" to let that happen! Before I go on, let me tell you that today I'm surrounded by the best church family I could ever ask for and do delight in serving my Father very much, but these things only came after I began to enjoy the life and love that my Father gave me.

Jesus especially enjoyed life very much and lived to the full! He joined the celebration of a marriage at wedding (turning the water into wine after the first twenty barrels or so had run out); He often went to the beach, fished and sailed; He went hiking throughout one of the most beautiful places on earth, saw the mountain heights of Hermon and its majestic cedar forests, the rolling hills and gentle fields of Galilee and the awesome sunrises of the desert; He spent time with people whom He loved, enjoyed their company, eating, feasting and sharing many laughs with them - all the while, He was healing the sick, delivering the oppressed and teaching the secrets of His Kingdom!

Friend, if your wasting your life serving God and you just happen to be reading this then its time you let the King Servant serve you - "It's time to learn to just rest and enjoy all My love for you and the life I've given you!" says the Spirit. Let this be the day you begin to receive His life and live it!

By David Roiel
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