Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let the Sun shine in the valley of death's shadow

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for You are with me!" Ps 23:4

David was a shepherd who knew God and whom God knew. Yahowa took him from shepherding sheep in the pasture lands, hills and deep ravines of the land to become the king over the tribes of Israel. When you read Psalm 23, you read David's insight into who God is - your Good Shepherd who watches over you for good. Though God be your Shepherd you still can stray of your own accord, here and there. Today, you might find yourself in the deep wadi (or ravine) of death's shadow. Your walls cower over you and hem you in as if you were in a prison. The air is stuffy and humid, the thorns tear on your clothes and skin and the path is completely hidden from your sight. David walked many times into this valley and was no stranger to the dark thoughts that haunt those places. So in reading this, understand that for your benefit David left you a secret - one of those precious gems hidden deep in the Scriptures. You might be facing a serious illness and the doctors have no good prognosis to tell you. Or perhaps your financial life is in ruins and grave failure meets you at every door you knock. Maybe you are afraid that the next car bomb will get you or a loved one. And don't forget the small problems, too ( the flu, an unexpected bill or an unpleasant situation at work) - these pesky flies have a way of weighing your heart down and drowning your mind in anxious thoughts. Whatever shadow of death might be hovering you, tiny or great, listen this day to David: don't think on the possibilities, risks and calculations of man so that you fear that evil will happen to you here. Instead, wake up to the fact that your Savior and Shepherd, Jesus, is with you now and always to protect and guide you. God is a sun and shield for you, let His light enlighten your path in this dark place and pay no attention to the fears that try to creep into your heart, like silent serpents stalking their prey - open your eyes and see the Son of God, crucified and cursed that you would be crowned with glory and be blessed with the blessing of Abraham. This is David's key - take it this day and let your heart delight in the strength and loving care of your Father.

"Let not your hearts be troubled My Children, look to Me and hear Me, see that I am your shield. And be strong and courageous, though you are here and real dangers surround you, My presence with you is not only stronger but is also your true reality. I am your shield, I alone. Trust Me." Amen!

By David Roiel
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