Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to make the word of God useless

"...making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do." Mark 7:13

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The Word of God is life. With words, He made everything from nothing, light from darkness, life from lifelessness. God's word is powerful, like tiny seeds that grow into mighty trees. Yet no matter how much potential and power a seed may have, as long as it sits in the dark, away from the sun, soil and water, it will never grow - it will remain, a small, lifeless speck. Likewise, God's word is so powerful to change your life but can be made of no effect.

Every time you hear something about the good news of Jesus, how He died to give you life and righteousness, seeds are being sown into your heart. They might land on the hardened paths, the rocky soil, or thorny ground and never give fruit. Or they might land in good soil, in a heart that understands, receives and perseveres in the word and gives a hundred fold harvest.

Jesus said that the tradition of men is a sure way to make "the word of God of no effect". Your traditions - whether it be cultural, religious, national or familiar - can make the word of God useless and fruitless in your life. Take prayer for example. O how many people pray using certain phrases and various postures, as if prayer was a formula that had to be calculated. Imagine a child approaching their loving parents muttering their same requests in the same exact words, in the same place, day after day... this is absurd and yet how many of God's children relate to God in this way!

This is tradition wrongly used (not all tradition does this). You might be struggling to understand certain things about God, striving to see breakthroughs in areas of your life or simply feel like all this good and positive talk of God's love is useless... my friend, maybe, just maybe, your traditions are making God's word of no effect in your life. No matter... today decide to listen to the Spirit instead of your traditions and let Him take you on eagles' wings, for He surely shall make you walk in paths of glory for His name's sake!

By David Roiel
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