Sunday, January 19, 2014

Home sweet...?

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I love being home. Home is where my family is and where I am. Nothing beats the familiarity and comfort of your home; whether you're living in a mansion surrounded by acres of land or a shack in the midst of an urban jungle. In an ideal world, home is where you are loved, find rest, get refreshed and enjoy the company of your loved ones. The other day around Christmas, I found myself reflecting about my home; as I looked around, I was thankful for my family and the times we are living in. Long ago, David would do the same. As the aged king sat on his throne in the cedar-wood halls of his palace, he looked up and around and thought to himself... "Look where I am, I'm sitting in a palace made of cedars while God's throne sits in a tent of curtains! I should build my God a dwelling worthy of His name." God liked David's heart but responded "Are you going to build Me a house to live in?", I could imagine God chuckling affectionately at David, "Since the days that I bought up the Israelites out of Egypt I have wandered with them, 'living' in tents; have I ever once asked any of them to build Me a house of cedar?" There I was in my kitchen, thinking these sweet thoughts of home when I thought of God and His home too, "Wait a minute! I am God's home!" He doesn't dwell in houses of wood and stone, decorated with gold and marble. He lives and makes His home His children, His family (1 Cor 3:16). You are the place of God's throne, He rests within you and enjoys your presence with you. When the Israelites where in the desert God instructed them to place the ark, or His throne, in a mobile tent. Everywhere they went, the ark would go too and He would give them provision and victory. In the cold nights of the desert, His light would shine and warm their hearts. In the scorching heat of the desert days, His cloud would cover them and give them cool relief. That's what happens around God's home - since, you are God's home, how blessed must you be! Listen to what His Spirit dwelling in you says today...with a sigh of relief, He looks at you and says "Ah, home sweet home! Home sweet you!"


By David Roiel
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