Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't think like a slave - Jesus made you a Son

In Jesus' time, those less fortunate were considered of little consequence and unimportant. Beggars, prostitutes, and lepers - they occupied the bottom rungs of society and were cast off. One day, a leper broke all the rules and approached the pure Lamb of God (Jesus) and asked for cleansing - he was cleansed. A prostitute who did not care that she was considered filthy, threw herself at Christ's feet and washed them with her repentant tears and wiped them with her hair; she left with honor and forgiveness. A blind beggar shouted aloud on the side of the road, daring to drown the voice of the Great Teacher so that he could be noticed.  Jesus called on Him asking "What do you want Me to do for you?" and so he answered boldly and received sight.

Courtesy of Flickr-M.Orellana
If you refuse to see yourself as who you are in Christ, as a son or daughter of God, created in the image of your Father, redeemed and made a royal priesthood, you are not going to get anywhere in life. No matter how mediocre, insignificant and unimportant your job or life might seem now, don't let society tell you who you are and what you will be.

The leper, prostitute and beggar knew they were not called to live in the miserable circumstances of sickness, sin and shame they found themselves in. And so they dared overthrow the time held traditions of their culture to come to Jesus, their Savior. They left His presence healed, forgiven and honored, with their heads high and their hearts happy. There were many like them who never even thought of doing what they did because they thought wrongly about who Jesus is and who they are.

Today, don't let the world define you because of your job, family or religion. You are worth the world a million times over to Jesus Christ. You are destined to live a full life, with blessings above and blessings below, and to be a source of light and joy to the many around you. Change the way you think, meditate on this truth and in time you shall surely see its fruit! So be it.

By David Roiel
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