Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your reality is not from the outside

"For You will save the humble people, But will bring down haughty looks." Ps 18:27

You're greeted on the outskirts of this bustling city with waves of heat descending from the smog covered sky above and rising from the asphalt sea below. The road is packed with a crowd of cars of every make, model and color, from luxurious SUV's carrying the elite of society to dented pickup trucks weighed down almost to the floor by watermelons. The incessant growl of engines, the nasalized buzz of scooters and sporadic honks of a dozen notes muffle out your loudest thoughts. Even the smells that waffle lazily through the traffic air obscure your mind; exhaust, barbequed lamb and sewage can all meet your nose at once!

As you look out the window, strange letters, myraids of wires and little buildings of incredible ugliness all vie for your attention. After a few minutes you begin to notice the people; men scurrying along with sweaty shirts, woman carrying bread and groceries and children with worn out slippers playing with dirty balls. But its their faces were you'll see the reality of this life. Wrinkles of worry shape the contours of people's faces... almost as if you can sense the hardships endured by those who call this their home.

This is reality for millions. What is your reality shaped by? Is it shaped by the land you live in; the culture you carry with you or the money you earn? No matter how grim or great your circumstances may be, all these things never have the final say in your life. "I am the alpha and the omega" says Jesus. "My perfect love casts out fear." You are perfectly covered by such love from your Father. As you take refuge under His wings, peace floods your heart. Your joy isn't in what your situation dictates any longer, for though now you are in the world, you are not of it! The God of Joseph who took him from slavery to being a ruler of the land second only to the king, is with you too. It doesn't matter what man has said you will be. God has said you are His Son, His king, His priest. Today, realize that your reality isn't what you experience on the outside. Your reality is governed by Him who dwells on your inside!

By David Roiel
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