Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The secret of giving is to receive!

“…to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little." Luke 7:47

I know a lot of my readers want to change the world. And you know what, I am sure that they will. But a candle without oxygen can not give light. The verse above is from a story about a woman who honored Jesus with everything she could. When she heard Jesus was visiting a neighbor, a neighbor who as a religious man would never have welcomed her, she boldly entered his house and began cleaning the feet of Jesus with her tears and hair. The host, having Jesus as a guest, could only manage a whisper and think silently of how atrocious it was that such a respectable man as Jesus could let such an irreputable woman even touch His feet. This woman gave everything she could, even her glory (her hair) to her Lord and you know why? Because she gladly received something from God – forgiveness. You see, loveless givers, no matter how much they may sacrifice themselves with great feats of service will not be remembered or profit anybody, but those who gladly receive from their Father love and mercy and favor become fountains of blessings to all around them. Today, just pause a moment, say “Daddy, I’m here. I want to know Your love”. And then get ready! As His loves gets poured out into your heart just watch how you will so easily and naturally bless those around you!

By David Roiel
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