Monday, December 23, 2013

Why Jesus was born in a manger

"Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox." 
Prov 14:4

Darkness is not something. It's simply nothing. Yet without light, darkness is heavy, death-like and suffocating. On that dark and amazing night ages ago, the Light of the World shone and came as a babe, born in a stable, placed in a trough.

A trough: courtesy of Flickr
He was born in Bethlehem - which means the 'House of bread or food' and placed in a trough, that usually was filled with water to quench the thirst of animals. This trough (or manger), that Jesus was placed in, is something like an open box made of stone - without hay or water, it would make a nice decoration; you could perhaps use it as a big pot to plant flowers!

Thirty years later, Jesus told us why He was placed in that manger - He would declare "Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life!" 

He came to give you His Life, His flesh and blood, as food and drink for you. So much was His desire to bless you with all that He is, that He offers all of Himself - by His flesh, Life is imparted to you, and by His blood, your sins - of your past and future - are washed away permanently. Jesus, the Bread of Life, born in the House of Bread, gives His everything for your life and life abundantly! And - as the Bible says - the Life of an animal is in its blood so has Jesus' royal blood, which carries His Life made you of His blood-life, by giving it to you as drink so you could be made an heir, of royal blood too! That is why Peter calls us a "royal priesthood" and John said we are "kings and priests".

Today, know who you are. As the body of Christ, His bride, you are His flesh. And as a child of God, His blood runs through your veins. As you meditate on this, what Jesus did and what He made you, you won't look to the mountains for help any longer - you'll realize Jesus has blessed you incredibly, even in your innermost being. So fear no longer death nor darkness - great or small - because like Jesus, you are now full of Life and the very Light of the World!

Merry Christmas!!

By David Roiel
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