Thursday, November 21, 2013

When the promise doesn't look promising

"There was a famine in the land." Gen. 26:1

Courtesy of Flickr - Jumpin Jack
It had not rained in a long time. The land was pale and dry, dotted with leafless and withered trees underneath bronze skies and the relentless sun. This was the land of 'milk and honey'. Ha! Like his father Abraham, Isaac took all he had and headed to Egypt where, thanks to the constant flow of the Nile, there was food. Yet this was no ordinary move. Isaac was leaving his inheritance, the inheritance God had sworn to give to Abraham and all after him. His journey had just begun when someone dropped in unexpectedly; God met Isaac, saying, "Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you." (Gen. 26:3). So Isaac, to the ridicule of all around him, took what little seed he had left and planted them in the parched fields, rather than keep his grain to make bread. In obeying God's voice, he risked all he had to live on! Nonetheless, that year he reaped a hundredfold and "began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous." (Gen. 26:12,13).

Today, your land may be parched and dry, its ground like iron, with no hope on the horizon. Will you leave to greener pastures? Wait on the Lord, and look at Isaac, who rather than starve, listened to his heavenly Father and not only saved his family from utter ruin but even the community around him! You can be fruitful, even in drought, as you listen to the Spirit in you. This is your inheritance, made yours by the shedding of the Lamb's blood. So today, listen to Him, sow His words and you "will do greater things" than Isaac!

By David Roiel
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  1. He has told me that the door of heaven is open to me, What do you think this means?

  2. I was in a dream and the name YAHAWASA came into my consciousness. Does this name mean anything?

    1. Yahowasa? Interesting. Yahowa is the name of God, 'I am'. Asa is the name of a good king of Judah and means 'healer'. Yahowa Asa - God is healer.

      As for the door of heaven being opened to you, Jesus gave you everything, and is in heaven preparing a mansion in HIs Father's house for every believer in Jesus. Its up to you to receive it! :)

  3. Yes, when I got that revelation of the door being opened to me, it seems as if I can enter freely and ask for what I want and know I have access to the throne of grace all the time.

  4. I receive my healing in Jesus name.. It is amazing that he sent me someone who could tell me the meaning of the name. God is amazing!


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