Thursday, November 28, 2013

Walk with Me

“And Enoch walked with God…” Gen. 5:24

If you want to go on a long journey by foot, you walk. Paul said that if we “walk by the Spirit” we would not indulge the flesh, in other words, we can experience victory over sin. Many interpret those words “walk by the Spirit” as being a process involving confession of sins as soon as you are aware of them and repeatedly asking the Spirit to fill you. Some may say it involves cultivating a discipline of prayer or speaking in tongues. Now the Bible mentions some one walking with God as early as the seventh generation after Adam. Enoch, a man whose name means ‘dedicated’, walked with God. Unlike any before him or any after him (save for Elijah), Enoch did not die. Certainly this man “walked in the Spirit”! The secret of Enoch was that he was full of faith (Heb 11), believing in God and His covenant with Him. So walking in the Spirit, simply means to live by trusting that Jesus has provided for you everything in His will (covenant) and that God has fulfilled His promises to you. Paul goes on to say that the very opposite of living by the Spirit through faith is to try please God by your own efforts; the endeavor of the flesh (Gal. 4:2,3). Let that sink in for moment. Walking with God isn’t accomplished by ‘spiritual disciplines’ such as reading Scripture, prayer, confession and the like. Walking in the Spirit is simply receiving and believing in the righteousness given to you freely by what Christ has done. So today “live in My victory by really believing that I have forgiven you!” (1 John 5:4)

By David Roiel
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