Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Voice of God

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

There I was with my beautiful wife at the foot of the legendary Mount Hermon. It towered on the horizon like a colossal giant, a guardian of the ages. How many countless armies passed beneath its shadow is difficult to tell. Some say Jesus was transfigured at its summit. Its treeless slopes ascend softly to a gentle peak, laced with strips of snow though it is the middle of summer. Beside us at the foot of the mountain, a flock of goats meander through pastures. I turn to my wife who is in my arms and say with words of Solomon, “Your hair is like a flock of goats!”. Suddenly, the unfolding romance is broken by a load cackle, gurgling noises and gruff shouts. Yehyeheyeh! It’s the shepherd. At the sound of his voice the flocks lazily follow him, grazing as they walk. I try cackling too as the goats pass by us; they briefly pause, look back at me unfazed with eyes that have rectangle shaped pupils, and walk on. How do you go about hearing God’s voice? Do you “diligently search the scriptures” for a whisper? Do you fast and pray, begging and pleading for your Father to give you a word, a sign, anything? “What is your will O God!?” My friend, don’t be afraid to hear His voice. Jesus said His Spirit would pour His thoughts out for you. Last I checked the Christ did not speak in single words interspersed by days. So hear Him say today “Do not fear. I am here with you. As much as you want. come! Come to Me, My Sons and Daughters and listen to Me. My voice is the River of Life. Be still, listen and be refreshed!”

By David Roiel
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Photo courtesy of Flickr (user: snapshotsofthepast)

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