Thursday, November 14, 2013

God likes multiplication

“We have here only five loaves and two fish.” Mat 14:17

What do you do, when all you have is too little. I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about things like family, health, work, friends and life as well. You look at yourself and all you see are just so many unmet and unfulfilled needs. Well, if you are in that situation I am not going to say with a smile “Don’t worry, be happy”. There just has to be something more! One day, Jesus had been preaching to crowds of thousands for a few days – they had been camping out in the fields just to hear what He had to say and be healed. But Jesus now was concerned about their stomachs. He turns to His disciples and says “You give them something to eat”. They must of thought that Jesus was delirious, “There are thousands of people here, all we got is a boy with his lunch box and we certainly don’t have 30,000$ in our pockets to buy food for all of these mouths!” You know what guys, its not about what you don’t have, your lack or the absence of what it is you need. Jesus said “What do you have? Now bring it to Me”. As Jesus blessed the few loaves and fish the disciples stood wide-mouthed and in awe; it started multiplying. That day, the same men who had incredulously pointed out how ridiculously little they had, fed 5000 men and their families, and after all was said and done each was left standing with a bucket load of leftovers! Now, this happened at least two separate times. Wow! You may not have a lot today, but when you see what you do have in the hands of Jesus, it will, as surely as the rising sun, multiply for you!

By David Roiel
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