Welcome to the Green Leaf Library! Over here you'll find books that I highly recommend, books that are must-have's in your library and, I hope, will be a huge blessing to you and your family as they have been to mine. Just click on the pics to read more about each one.

Thank you and happy shopping!

David Roiel

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For a the price of a cup of coffee...
Say bye to the mentality of lack and
hello to the mindset of abundance!
This is your inheritance like you've never heard before!
Joseph Prince's crowning achievement...
this book changed my life.
CS Lewis was one of the greatest Christian minds...
And this is one of the greatest stories ever written.
The best book out there on the world of the Bible.
Inspiring and encouraging, don't miss out on it!
If you want to seriously delve into the Scriptures,
this is a must have for your library!

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