The Royal Priesthood

But you are a Chosen Race, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, a people for God's Own Possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Pet 2:9,10)
And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. (Exo 19:6)
And did make us kings and priests to his God and Father, to Him is the glory and the power to the ages of the ages! Amen. (Rev 1:6)
Do you have a lot of unsaved family members? Do you have a call for your nation or another nation perhaps that you inexplicably can not forget, try as hard as you may? Do you sometime feel an urge to intercede for your family, for cities, towns, even entire nations? Then understand that God is waking the Royal Priest in you!

One of the most forgotten and ill understood calls of the Saints of the Most High, is the call of the Royal Priesthood. Indeed, one of the few things that the church has not expounded on or left clear instructions on is the Kingdom and the Priesthood. In fact, there are very few people in the Bible who modeled this. Jesus, Daniel and Joseph are the three who I think of who gave us important clues, but none so clear as Daniel (see Dan 9).

Just to be super clear, we who are truly in Christ, who are born of the Spirit, we all are Kings and Priests to the Lord, whether we realize it or not. So I urge you to pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal to you this precious calling and what you can do for your family and nation and indeed the world through intercessory repentance, blessings and prayers, as a redeemed and fully righteous and holy son and daughter of the Most High. Grace and peace be multiplied to you all! Amen.

Rising to the Call of the Royal Priesthood 

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